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The knives displayed here are one of a kind, handcrafted pieces


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Bertie’s logo is to be found within a Stanhope lens on the knife. This method of marking his knives is unique and also it compliments the beauty of the knife, and it eliminates defacing the damascus blade with an etched or stamped logo.

To view the logo, the lens must be held quite close to the eye and on looking through the lens, his logo appears / is visible.


Stanhope lens: invented by Lord Charles Stanhope, an English scientist (1753-1816). It was ground from one piece of glass with one flat and one domed side. The object to be viewed is placed on the flat side . The convex side is held in front of the eye and magnifies the picture (logo).


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Griffin 2 Axe








Overall length 390mm

A stylish battle axe, fit for a king! Laddered Damascus blade and shaft, with carved titanium Griffin medallions on either side.
The Titanium handle is topped and tailed with Gibeon meteorite slices and sports a Lapis Lazuli inlays.

Please contact me for pricing




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The Apollo 3




The Apollo




Blade 135mm Overall 230mm

Inspiration for these small boot knives came from a Peacock feather, combined with the afterburner of a rocket as it flies into space.
2 of these Apollo’s were made, the top one has a Nebula blade with 7 tapering  nickel lines down the center of the blade. The handle frame is engraved Titanium, with the engraving anodized blue to match the Lapis Lazuli inlay in the Titanium scales. Stanhope lens with my logo is found in the back of the handle. The Lapis inlays are very rare 2 tone Lapis.
The second (bottom) blade is carved Dragonskin with purple and green hues. Handle same as above with soild colour Lapis lazuli inlays.

Please contact me for pricing




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Roman Gladius Sword

Blade 500mm Overall 705mm

This sword was built for a very special collector after he remarked to me that there are no makers in South Africa that have made a Gladius and that he  would very much like to own one

Well, I don’t really do orders, and this was a sword after all, also something I have never done, but given the circumstances I started entertaining the idea of building a modern rendition of the classic Roman Gladius.

The blade was to be a giant piece of Nebula Damascus and the handle almost entirely Titanium with pieces of Black Jade completing the handle. A lot of research was done to get as close to the original Roman design as possible, but these short swords were produced in their thousands over many hundreds of years and many different renditions were made during that period, so I had to settle on a design that to me, as closely as possible would represent the classic Roman Gladius.  It turned out to be a mammoth task that took over 2 years to complete, and then Julien Marchal did his magic and engraved those huge surfaces with classic Acanthus leaf designs. It was all worth it when at the 2015 South African Guild show, the Gladius won Best Knife on show. I am currently busy working on a sheath, which is also a huge amount of work!



Gladius 2022




Show2015 Gladius 2






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 Holland and Holland knife

Blade 220mm  Overall 345mm

This knife was commissioned by the famed gunmakers of London, Holland  and  Holland.

They wanted a special one of a kind knife to accompany on of their finest rifles, and I then designed this Persian Kard to fit the bill.

This knife has a fine ladder Damascus blade, stainless bolsters with “export grade” engraving by Julien Marchal, and exhibition grade Arizona Desert Ironwood handle with a hidden thong retainer in the rear of the handle.





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Griffin axe 2013




Griffin Axe

Overall length: 500mm

This axe has been in the making for many years....the seed was planted while I was visiting my favourite museum, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, in the Armoury section they have this Mamluk period Battle axe, it is rather large and crudely made with a splintered wooden handle, but the design is magnificent! I took some pictures and drew the axe head up, made a special billet of Damascus, forged it out to the rough shape of the axe head, and then a few years passed. Every so often I would get fired up about it and put a few days work into it, but then the enormity of the task would get the better of me, so another year passes...... Eventually I made up my mind how to put a handle on and decided on a Titanium and stone handle, with Bronze fittings. It was very ambitious, and I spent way too much time building it, but what a piece it turned out to be!

The Bronze Griffin heads on either side of the head were carved, as was the flower at the base of the handle, I selected a beautiful piece of Mozambiquean Dumortierite, ground it up into a tapered 10 sided handle and fitted it to a fluted solid Titanium shaft which in turn is taper fitted into the Axe-head. This must be the most spectacular piece I have ever made




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His 'n' Hers

Blade: 80mm  Overall: 165mm
Box: 220mm x 45mm x 18mm

These elegant knives are a his and hers steak knife set, to be carried in a pocket and used when dining out, or to be used as a his and hers fruit knife set.

The Blade is ATS 34, shaving sharp, the bolsters are Titanium with the male/female symbols on each, the handles are stabilized Maple burl. They come in a beautiful wooden box made by master box maker Brian Coetzee. Stanhope logo in the rear of the handle.



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Blade: 140mm  Overall: 260mm

A coloured Dragonskin blade slots into a solid Titanium handle that is carved and anodised, with scales of Rayskin titanium on either side. Stanhope lens is in the back of the handle.



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Blade: 130mm Overall: 240mm

The Tinktinkie is named after a small South African honeysucking bird with a curved beak, that is often seen hovering next to flowers, drinking the nectar.

My interpretation has a Dragonskin blade, distal tapered, carved and coloured, and the handle has an extended bolster that flares out at the back, in coloured stainless steel and 24ct gold highlights, with a sliver of minky Mammoth ivory completes the handle. The Stanhope logo is in the front of the bolster and represents the eye of the Tinktinkie.



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Manta Ray

Blade: 185mm Overall: 315mm

Blade is coloured ladder patterned Damascus. Handle is an anodised Titanium frame and handle scales are anodised Titanium in a raised Ray skin texture. Stanhope with makers logo is in handle frame.



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The Comet

Blade: 115mm Overall: 220mm.

A new concept in handle design, the extended bolster reaches backwards to the end of the knife.

The extended bolster-pommel combination is coloured stainless steel, with the comet tail coming off the Stanhope and on the pommel side we have an exploding star in 24ct gold inlay. Blade is carved and coloured dragonskin damascus. A sliver of mammoth ivory completes the handle.



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Overall length: Small - 200mm Large - 245mm

These knives both have Siberian Mammoth Ivory handles. A sliver of meteorite forms the bolsters and the carved blade is coloured dragon skin damascus. This knife looks like it is doing 100mph!

These knives are now only available in the style of bolster as pictured below, due to issues with the mammoth ivory warping.

                                         TalonA_small        TalonB_small



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Blade: 160mm Overall: 270mm

This elegant gents knife has a stainless damascus blade, carved and coloured, with caramel Siberian Mammoth Ivory scales and bolsters of coloured stainless steel and 24ct Gold inlay, with the Stanhope lens situated at its foremost tip - giving this knife a bird-like impression.



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The Picasso Gentlemen’s Side Knife

Blade: 115mm Overall: 220mm

This traditional pattern has a coloured stainless damascus blade, Picasso stone handle slabs and starburst anodised Titanium bolsters with Stanhope lens in the centre of the starburst, also includes a half—moon thong cut-out at back of tang.

Blade is fine ladder Damascus, carved and coloured. Bolster is Mokume, with a Arizona Desert Ironwood handle, and the Stanhope is found in the bolster.




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The Hummingbird

Blade: 125mm Overall: 230mm

Handle: Mammoth Ivory (Siberia)

Fittings: Starburst anodised Titanium, with logo lens in the middle of the starburst.

Blade: Coloured and carved Stainless Steel damascus.



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explorer 2





Blade 115mm  Overall 220mm

Blade is fine ladder Damascus, carved and coloured. Bolster is Mokume, with a Arizona Desert Ironwood handle, and the Stanhope is found in the Handle



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The Astro

Blade 115mm Overall 225mm

A rendition of a  gents side knife, Dragonskin blade, coloured, bolsters are Nebula, and the set-in handle scales are Maple burl.


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The Swift

Blade 115mm Overall 225mm

This Bird and trout knife has a Dragonskin blade, coloured, Nebula bolsters and Mammoth ivory set-in handle scales.


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The Kard

Blade 195mm Overall 320mm

A Persian classic, with a ladder Damascus blade, Julien Marchal engraved Zirconium bolsters and Arizona desert ironwood handle scales.


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Vista 2016




The Vista

Blade 125mm Overall 230mm

This stylish knife has a Nebula Damascus blade, matt Zirconium bolsters and a spectacular piece of mammoth Ivory on the handle scales.


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